Historic Food Fest

Hunger! Through the ages people have had but a few basic necessities: nourishment, shelter, and clothing. In the weekend of September 21st and 22nd, we shall find ourselves in the quest for food: from prehistoric times till the late middle ages. How do you keep things from spoiling without a refrigerator? Did we drink alcohol in prehistoric times? What were proper table manners in the middle ages and where did they come from? How far did someone have to travel for that one meal?

For an entire weekend, discover and taste the history of food. See hunters cook without pots and pans: an animal hide sack is perfect for soup. And the fish that was caught was immediately prepared and preserved. A little further in time you will discover wild boar roasting over an open fire, middle age stews, roman cheeses, mead (honey wine) being brewed and bread being freshly baked.

On both days there will be herb workshops where you can make your own herbal balms using the plants which are grown within the preHistorisch Dorp. On Sunday, Geertje Jansen from Wandeloogst, the founder of the wild harvesters guild, will provide tours regarding the use of herbs and plants throughout the ages. You will seek out editable plants within the walls of the preHistorisch Dorp and use them to test your taste buds.