Primal meat workshop

Colourful, tender primal meat from unique pigs from our prehistoric pig enclosure. Discover how to bone a pig and what its tastiest pieces are during this special evening on 10 November. During dinner, you’ll even get to taste how flavoursome these primal pigs are. Will you join the select group of people at the primal meat workshop at the preHistorisch Dorp? Reserve your spot now!

It used to be common to butcher your own animals: from chicken to pig. A butcher bones a pig during this workshop and you’ll learn what parts of the pig you can and cannot use for food. Discover the origin of pork belly, pork fillet and pork ribs. You cut the pig yourself and learn to make a sausage. We then prepare the extraordinary meat together for a unique dinner, with both the fresh meat and homemade hotchpot made with the primal meat. We start dinner while enjoying a local beer or a nice glass of wine. Drinks are included in the price, the leftover primal meat (some kilos p.p.) can be taken home.

This workshop is suitable for those who are interested in the origin of our food. It’s specially recommended for meat, bush craft and survival lovers who want to learn the intricacies of butchering a pig. Organic farmer and butcher John van Lieshout explains the unique story from piglet to pork steak during the evening. The pig we use is one of the two primal pigs who live at the preHistorisch Dorp.

Practical information

The workshop is on Sunday evening 10 November at the tavern Den Bonten Os in the preHistorisch Dorp. We’d like to welcome you from 16:45 at the tavern for a drink in front of the fire. You can participate in the primal meat workshop for € 75,-, and this includes a hutchpot buffet, drinks, and pork from the pig.