Sparks, Flame, and Iron

There’s a lot to experience at the preHistorisch Dorp during the autumn holiday! You can dig with real archaeologists during the first weekend, from 12-13 October. We dive in the National Archaeology Days together with the volunteers from AVKP/AWN and the Erfgoedhuis (Heritage House). The rest of the week is all about sparks, flames and iron, and there will even be an international iron symposium! Teams from all over the world try to mine as much iron as they can from local bog iron from Wednesday until Sunday. This is done by building and using ovens which were also used by people 1000 to 2500 years ago.

14-20 October

We work with iron tools from Monday until Sunday. Forge your own chisel, grind it on the whetstone and make a nice pouch to keep it in. Peel trees with a peeling knife or drill a hole in wood with a hand drill.

16-20 October

From Wednesday until Saturday ten international teams are mining iron. They build their own ovens on the spot and heat bog iron until the slag separates from the bloom… don’t know what we mean by that? Visit us and we explain it all. Several smiths show you how to use this prehistorical iron to forge the best tools. And you can even work as a smith yourself! How cool (or, hot) is that?! You can even try out all the tools and cut some wood, peel, and cleave. You can cut, squeeze, and drill. A week full of fire, sparks, and iron!

26-27 October

During the last weekend we call as many smiths and craftsmen as possible to show their skills. Bring your own tools or show us the tools you use! Have you found a strange tool in grandpa’s shed? Bring it with you and we’ll tell you all about it. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out.