Frequently asked questions

What are the opening hours?
The preHistorisch Dorp is opened from Tuesday until Friday from 10:00 to 17:00. We’re also open on Monday during school holidays.

What is the admission price?
A ticket is € 9,75. Children under 4 years and personal care attendants have free admission*.

Is my Museum Card valid?
Yes, you have free** admission to the preHistorisch Dorp on presentation of your Museum Card.

Do I get family discount?
No, but we do have very advantageous season passes if you plan to visit us often.

Do you have season passes?
Yes, you’ll get unlimited access throughout the season to the museum with a season pass.

Can I participate in activities?
Yes, there are several supervised activities where you and your children can participate for free.

Are there any activities at the preHistorisch Dorp when there are no events?
Of course! Every day, the preHistorisch Dorp offers activities to enjoy during your visit. Meet the residents in their historical farms or explore our museum with the Time Viewer app.

Can I visit preHistorisch Dorp when it rains? 
Sure, there are several farms and buildings in our museum where we offer inside activities.

Can I take my dog with me?
Your dog is welcome at the museum if it is kept on a leash.

Do you have special events?
Yes, ranging from special themed weeks and weekends to extra activities..

Can I pay with debit card?
There is a PIN device at the register. Tavern Den Bonten Os only accepts debit cards.

Are there guided tours at the museum? 
Yes, a time guide will take you on an informative tour at 14:30. There is an extra tour at 13:00 during the weekends. We also offer a tailor-made tour for visitors with a mental disability. You can contact us by phone for more information.

Is the preHistorisch Dorp accessible for disabled people? 
Yes, there are broad, paved roads, all houses are accessible, and there is a disabled toilet. Mobility scooters are also welcome at our museum.

Can I charge my electric bike? 
You can charge your electric bike at our entrance. We are an ANWB Gastvrij Pluspunt.

Do you serve lunch at the museum? 
Yes, tavern Den Bonten Os offers a wide range of lunch options to enjoy. The tavern is opened from 11:00 to 17:00 during the weekends and the school holidays.

Can I charge my mobile phone at the preHistorisch Dorp? 
Yes, at Tavern Den Bonten Os.

Do you have free Wi-Fi at the preHistorisch Dorp? 
Yes, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum.

Is smoking allowed at the preHistorisch Dorp? 
Smoking is only allowed at the medieval Market Square and in front of the reception.

Do you speak English?
Yes, all activities are also available in English.

Do you have any questions that have not been answered here?
Contact us at or via phone at 040-252 22 81.

* Maximum 1 attendant per person, not in combination with arrangements.
** There might be an surcharge during events. This will be mentioned on the event page of the relevant event.