Weddings at the preHistorisch Dorp

Is your love one that will stand the test of time and exist for ages? Are you looking for a place to exchange vows that reflects the history you’ve built together and look toward your future ahead? If so, then the preHistorisch Dorp is the ideal location for your special day. Our waterfront location, park-like surroundings, and charming historical buildings will remind everyone to slow down and focus on not missing a single moment of your celebration.

The preHistorisch Dorp, with homesteads and farms from the Iron Age, Roman Era and Middle Ages, not to mention the surrounding Genneper Parks mean that your choice for photo locations is almost endless and that the results will be stunning.

Your day to write history

Noble or Outdoorsy?

Looking for a Noble Wedding or an outdoor Ceremony? The preHistorisch Dorp can make your dreams come true!

Our Noble Farmstead, a reconstruction of a Medieval Nobleman’s family home is an excellent location for your wedding ceremony. Whether your ceremony will be followed by a reception, formal dinner or wedding celebration, the guests won’t have to leave as they can stay and enjoy the first event of your married life at the Noble Farmstead.

The prehistoric area is also available for lovers of the outdoors, or those looking to respect or include ancient traditions in their ceremony. Stand beneath the Sacred Oak after your spectacular entrance in a dugout canoe for your hand-fasting ritual, or walk to your partner while historically themed music plays in the fresh outdoors; all of this and more is possible at the preHistorisch Dorp.

Are you inspired to join us to make your wedding unforgettable? We’d love to help you plan your special day and make sure that it is an event for the history books.

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