Kidsproof award 2018: Best museum of Noord-Brabant. Third Best in the Netherlands

More than 4000 Museum inspectors have chosen peHistoric Villagen to  the "Kidsproof museum 2018 of Noord-Brabant". The brandnew Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, handed out the awards. On top of that, the museum is the third best open-air museum of the Netherlands.

In total 8000 Museum inspectors( children until the age of 12) reported on the Dutch museums. The preHistoric Village was especially to their taste: "The Virtual Reality tour is very cool and you can shoot a real bow and arrow", according to one museum inspector.

An awesome recognition for the historic events our employees and volunteers organise time and time again", said a very proud Ward Rennen, director of the preHistoric Village.


Historical crafts lab
Iedere woensdagmiddag 15:00 - 17:00 uur

Did you Always wanted to learn how to forge iron? Or would you like to make a leathe purse? Then come from May 9th form 3 PM until 5 PM to the hisorical crafts lab! There you can learn what the medieval craft masters taught their apprentices. From forging to weaving - you can do it in our lab!

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Summer vacation 2019: Shoot back into time
6 juli t/m 18 augustus

New historical adventures await you 7 days a week in the preHistorisch Dorp! Open from 10:00-17:00 every day during the summer vacation. Experience the history of archery, try baking bread on a fire, watch medieval artisans or experience a real encampment of knights! Chat with the inhabitants and join them as they go about their daily lives. This might just be the only museum in the Netherlands where you’re allowed to get a bit dirty, is there any better way to learn more about history?

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Battle of the knights
August 17 & 18

Bring out your toy swords and shields: the weekend of 17-18 August the preHistorisch Dorp will be all about knights! These knights never travel alone: they are accompanied by their squires, ladies, and households. Entertainment is provided by the best acrobats from Sweden, medieval musicians and many other 15th century characters. And do not skip the shows and fighting demonstrations from the knights!

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